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Five questions and five answers to the SPC lock floor

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Five questions and five answers to the SPC lock floor

Five questions and five answers to the SPC lock floor


I.What is the SPC lock floor?

SPC lock floor is very in line with the national green environmental development concept, its main component is a composite material of stone powder and polyvinyl chloride mixed in a certain proportion.  Then, after plasticizing and extruding the sheet, the four-roll calendering heat-applied color film decorative layer and the wear-resistant layer do not contain heavy metal formaldehyde with harmful substances, and are 100% formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly flooring, which is a real 0 formaldehyde floor!

II. Which floors can be paved with SPC lock floor?

 The requirements of the SPC lock floor for the base layer during paving are flat and flexible.  To sum it up, there are three points:

 1. If it is used for new house roughing, it needs to be self-leveling and then paved.  Because the ground of the rough house is easy to sand (if it is directly paved, it is more troublesome for the sand to enter the lock of the floor)

 2. If it is suitable for ground renovation, regardless of the original floor is laminate flooring, tiles, marble, wood flooring ... as long as it is not excessive damage, there are obvious bumps, can be directly paved.

 3. SPC lock floor should be suitable for the elasticity of the floor when paving, not too soft.  If you are on a foam mat, you cannot lay the SPC lock floor.

III. Is the SPC lock floor paving simple?

 SPC lock floor is relatively simple compared to wooden floors, tiles, etc.  If it is used for home paving, the area is about 100 square meters, and it can be paved with a very ideal effect.  But when it started to be paved, it still had some difficulty, and the paving speed was slower.  But once you put on 10-20 pieces, you can basically master the essentials, and the paving speed will be greatly accelerated!

IV. Do you need a moisture barrier when paving?

 Because the seams are tight, the SPC lock floor has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, so it is also possible to not install the moisture-proof pad.  However, if conditions permit, it is recommended to lay it out.  Because it can make the floor feel better, it also has a certain sound absorption and noise reduction effect. After all, the cost of the moisture barrier is also very low.

V. Why is the price difference so big?

 In fact, the appearance is not the same.  Some SPC lock floor is essentially an LVT floor, which costs less.  The bottom of the SPC lock floor and the color of the cross section reflect the floor material.  The floor with the new material should be beige or close to beige, and the look is very soft. When using the recycled material, the mixture will appear black, white, gray or white with gray.  The cost of the latter is also lower than the former.

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